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June 25, 2010 / MyDivert

Moscow Virtual Numbers

How to get a Moscow Phone Number without a Moscow Address – the virtual office solution.

Moscow is now one of the largest, and fastest growing, business centres in the world. While millions of people work and run their business from the city, not everyone can afford a physical location there. offers the optimal solution to this problem with a virtual VoIP Moscow phone number, allowing you to have a telephone presence in Moscow where ever you are located.

A local Moscow phone number can be a valuable marketing tool if your company serves customers in Moscow. If you serve customers in the Moscow area a local number will provide the flexibility to operate your business from your home country, and allow you customers to contact you at local call rates.

Now your business can have telephone numbers in Russia that can be directed to (ring-to) any phone in the world. Simply log into your account to instantly modify your ring-to numbers. Incoming calls are redirected (at your choice) to your mobile, home or office number in any country of the world.

Virtual VoIP numbers allow you to answer your business calls at your call center, main office, or home, anywhere in the world. Our Russian DID numbers can be forwarded to any SIP URI. Use these numbers with your own Asterisk server, pbx, or VoIP carrier. The DID numbers can be peered directly from the exchange to your own pbx or asterisk server if you are using this type of equipment.

Russia telephone numbers purchased at can also be used with your own sip provider. Simply update your phone number SIP settings from your MyDivert user account. All incoming calls will then ring to your chosen SIP without diversion.

You can buy your Russian DID Telephone Number and have your calls forwarded to any other phone number, a sip account, or directed to another sip account, worldwide – very flexible options..

Russian virtual phone numbers are currently available in Moscow (495 & 499) and St. Petersburg (812).


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