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June 25, 2010 / MyDivert

Using 3CXphone a free VoIP phone for your PC or laptop

3CXPhone is a free VoIP phone that allows you to use your PC or laptop as a phone.
You can connect 3CXPhone to a VOIP provider such as to make calls to any VoIP, mobile or landline number. By adding an incoming virtual number to your account you can be instantly contactable on a local number from over 65 countries worlwide.

To download 3cxphone simply visit the 3cx website. The download is 3MB and installation only takes a couple of minutes.

The 3CXphone compares very favourably to other softphones. Time to establish SIP registartion is fast and dialed calls are established almost immediatly. The phone interface is attractive and user friendly. All the usual features are provided such as voicemail alerts, address book, call records etc.

To configure 3CXphone with you should create a new SIP profile and add your account details as below:



 The advanced settings can then be set. We added *95 as the voicemail access number, and checked that the SIP transport method is set to UDP (important!). As we are running the sofphone behind a NAT router we set a short registration period (2 – 5 mins) to help with keep-alives and maintain the phone presence.

As we want the phone to send DTMF tones that we will use when logging into our voicemail system we unchecked the INBAND and SIPINFO DTMF signaling. These methods are not supported.



That’s all. The softphone works very well and we would rate it with 5 stars.

3CX also offer complete pbx systems for windows which work well with our sip trunking service.

Get a VoIP Virtual Number now!

With MyDivert you get your own regular fixed telephone phone number – starting from only €2.95 per month. So your friends and business contacts can call you on a regular fixed telephone number and you can receive the call worlwide. No matter where you are.

Virtual Numbers for your own SIP Device or Provider
Virtual DID numbers purchased at can also be used with your own SIP provider. Simply update your phone number SIP settings from your MyDivert user account. All incoming calls will then ring to your chosen SIP without diversion.

VoIP Virtual Numbers from €2.95 per month


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